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Dec. 23, 2022

SWOONTOWER SOCCER: Swoontower Superlatives

SWOONTOWER SOCCER: Swoontower Superlatives
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If you are looking for Austin FC tactical analysis, please go back or forward one episode for a regular episode of Moontower Soccer. But if you are looking for wholesome content about the good, good boys of Austin FC, you are in the right place.

On today's Swoontower Soccer, Steph and Mike are going FULL WELHAUSEN to chat all about the boys!

Topics include:
-The Inaugural End of Season Superlatives, featuring awards from each of the hosts for everyone on the 2022 roster!
-Rapid Fire Swoon Questions with Chris!
-Moontower PatreonHype!

Make sure to follow Chris @ChrisWelhausen on twitter!

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