Hello Friends!

Great recaps and analysis

I do not live in Austin and can’t be glued to twitter all the time, so this podcast serves as a perfect summary, analysis, and news aggregation for Austin FC. It keeps me up to date on the team on and off the pitch. I listen every week.


I’ve learned so much about soccer from Landon and Jeremiah since I’ve started listening. Great game analysis, team and player discussions, interviews, and all wrapped up in light hearted and fun conversations. Thanks for creating this, y’all!

Great podcast for driving

Kept me entertained while driving all over Texas last week.

Great Show!

This is my go-to podcast for anything Austin FC. Keep up the good work guys!

Come for the Analysis, Stay for the Pollo

I’ve been listening to Moontower Soccer since before Austin played their first game. Landon and Jeremiah have been *holding it down* for us Austin FC heads since the very beginning! Player analysis, game recaps, transfer news… plus discussions on the finer points of Tik Marten cuddliness and Pollo-as-beer-mug viability. Thanks, see you never!

The OG Cast for all Things ATXFC

They're the first and the best, no two ways about it. Great show filled with great energy (even when lamenting losses). Landon & Jeremiah break down every game & talk all things Verde n Black. It's the best way to stay informed about all things happening with the team & a great introduction to fans new to the soccer world. Highly recommend.

Comprehensive source for Austin FC updates and analysis

This podcast is truly a voice of reason on all Austin FC matters, talking fans off the ledge after poor team performances and tempering expectations after exciting wins. Lately, they’ve also had some great interviews with players, staff and fan favorites like Pollo FC. After the latest episode, I even think I might understand GAM and TAM (but don’t quote me on that). P.S. Let’s not forget about the fabulous spin-off pod, Swoontower, the go-to pod for mascot interviews and the fits of the boys.

All Things ATXFC

Thoughtful and informative. Appreciate the insight and interaction between Jeremiah, Landon and guest appearances/fill-ins by Chris. I look forward to it each week!

Incredible podcast for ATXFC coverage

Love the podcast and the whole crew, Swoontower included. And the answer is clearly Driussi.

Moontower Review

Best Austin FC/Soccer Podcast out there!!!

Necessary news source!

I live in Southern California, but was raised in North Austin playing soccer. I’m a life long fan of the sport and was stoked when my hometown got a team. I’m looking forward to eventually getting to go to Q2 for a game, but in the mean time this podcast has been excellent. Great analysis of the game, players and club news. My favorite though is introducing everyone to what happens with the supports groups and fan favorites like Pollo. Y’all always give an encompassing picture of what’s going on. Thank you!

Austin FC must-listen

If you even pretend to like Austin FC, listening to Moontower is a must. For new soccer fans or knowledgeable ones: they present news, game breakdowns & insights in a very approachable way. Tons of good info & fun along the way.

Great Form All Season Long

The Moontower Soccer Podcast continues to be one of the best places for news, tactical insight, and great interviews centered around Austin FC. I am so happy to have found this podcast!

Moontower Soccer

This podcast rocks

Great coverage of ATXFC

Entertaining, informative and they use better recording equipment than the MLS hosts. Easy to listen to with good segment timing. Not sold on Swoontower, but maybe I pitch to the wife. Keep up the great work! Thanks for nothing, see you later!

Do you love Austin FC? Then I’ve got a podcast for you

Amazing podcast covering all things Austin FC. From tactical analysis of the games to how the league works to just random questions no know needs answers to but yet we have them. Newbie to this game called soccer or Fútbol? They’ll explain in a way that gets everyone to understand even some of the weirder rules of this league. Also, if you like dogs, listen to swoon tower and you get to learn more about each game mascot.

Best Austin FC podcast

Love the tactical breakdown of each match and also history lessons for opponents prior to upcoming matches. The interview with Rubio was also enlightening so hopefully more staff members will join in the future. Keep up the great work fellas.

Where I go to get my austin fc news!

It’s been a weekly rhythm of mine to listen on Tuesdays to Moontower to look back and look forward. I am learning more about soccer, MLS and all that is going down with that team. On Point!

Spoiler: It’s a good podcast

Only complaint: I had to miss watching my team during an international flight, but at least figured I could avoid spoilers about the score. The co-host was on my plane and kept shoving the score in my face. Note: This may or may not be an accurate account of what happened.

Solid show with soccer details and fun

I’m new-ish to soccer and appreciate the insight to the details of the game including tactics, etc. high level insights provided with an easy enough breakdown for me to understand. I enjoy the guest host (yes Welhausen!) and the guest interviews. Keep up the great work Landon & Jeremiah!

Slam Dunk Home Run Soccer Goal

I’m a massive soccer fan but have avoided tactics podcasts because I’m still learning the ropes of terms - Moontower is the most accessible and engaging intro into the world of analytics. Landon and Jeremiah are great to listen to, super knowledgeable, and convey all that info in a really easy to understand way.

Second best thing to an Austin FC Game

Started listening to Moontower about halfway through the inaugural season and haven’t stopped since. It’s a great podcast full of knowledgeable takes that gets me through until the next game. Love it and only wish they posted more!

Best ATXFC Podcast

Simply the best Austin FC Podcast of bunch. Very knowledgeable, entertaining, and well produced

Great Show for ATXFC

Mr. Jerimiah and Landon do a great job of giving you information about Austin FC. Even better when you engage with them on social media they are awesome to talk and discuss thoughts about Austin FC, and MLS in general.

Take me to the Moon

Mr. Bentley an Landon do a great job of keeping you informed of whats going on with Austin FC.

First time soccer fan

As a first time soccer fan, I have learned SO much from Moontower Soccer. I’m actually addicted to it! In the beginning I didn’t even know the field was called a pitch or that uniforms were kits. Now I know all about TAM and GAM and homegrown players. Even with a disappointing season Landon and Jeremiah see the good. They love Austin FC and love the city of Austin. Their guests are great and very informative. Whether you are a seasoned fan or new to the sport…. Moontower Soccer should be your weekly listen!

Best Soccer Podcast Out There

I am not exaggerating. This is the best soccer podcast out there. Lucky for us it is all Verde.

Great Pod, and you Should Listen too!

These guys are not only able to provide a high level overview of the game, players, strategy, etc, but they also weave in plenty of super detailed info too. This lets listeners of all knowledge or experience levels feel like they got something great from the Pod! Keep up the good work, gents.


One of the best podcast for AustinFc here in Austin Texas! 💚 Oak Army

Most level-headed yet entertaining Austin FC podcast out there

There may be podcasts with hotter takes, but Landon and Jeremiah are probably the most entertaining duo in the Austin FC podcast market. Polite discussions and well reasoned arguments are the bread and butter of this podcast, with a drizzle of fantastic guest interviews to change it up every once in a while. Love that they keep the spirit of MLS by rebranding every now and then (except the rebrands actually work here). Big fan and highly recommend this to anyone, from people barely getting into soccer to lifelong fans.