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Moontower Soccer—All things Austin FC

Moontower Soccer is THE place to learn all about Austin FC. GO LISTEN!

Great info & presentation

Listen while I commute and when I’m working on the lawn like now! Love this podcast for everything Austin FC

Look forward to it every week!

Landon and Jeremiah are two regular guys who make sense of MLS and Austin FC for the rest of us. They are also becoming great interviewers! And awesome that they are supporting the Laundry Project!

Best Source for Austin FC News

This podcast provides great insight into the Austin FC squad. Best source for gaining valuable info!


The best Austin FC podcast out there. I even enjoy swoon tower which I didn’t think I would. Keep up the great work.

In 💚✨🖤 with all versions of this podcast

First, I would absolutely want to walk out holding Rigoni’s hand, we talk about how much he does or doesn’t like rigatoni and how he’s turned it all around and scored so many bangers for us since early ’23. Moontower is amazing, Swoontower is amazing, if you’re in love with Austin FC for the soccer of it all and also have a passion for the boys and and appreciation for their outfits/tattoos/social media presence you’ve GOT to be listening to these shows. Thanks for being here for us every week whether it’s a celebration or talking us all back off the ledge!

Very professional and fun austin fc podcast

Covers all the Austin fc news and tactical analysis of every game, great job on keeping it entertaining with y’all character

Great podcast about MLS’ greatest team

Landon & Jeremiah do an excellent job breaking down roster moves, games, and match previews for AustinFC. Very accessible to newbies without being too dumb for the nerds. They bleep out every semblance of swear words, which makes me assume they were raised in West Texas cults, and I think that gives them an advantage with the club as they land solid interviews on the regular.

Swoontower is swoon worthy

I ABSOLUTELY WANT TO HOLD RING’S HAND Also thank you to moontower for donating to Laundry Project! <3 you all

Moontower Soccer Podcast Rocks!

Landon and Jeremiah certainly do their homework on every episode. If you want to learn a lot about Austin FC or about soccer in general, look these guys up every week.

If you love Austin FC—-then Moontower Soccer podcast is for you!

If you love Austin FC….if you want to learn about Austin FC….or if you just want to listen to an informative, educational, entertaining podcast then Moontower Soccer podcast is the one for you!!! Go ahead! I dare you to listen to just one episode and I’m positive you WILL be hooked! Thanks Landon Cotham and Jeremiah Bentley!

Can’t wait until Tuesdays!

Even though Tuesdays are my first day in the office each week, I look forward to listening to Moontower Soccer each week and it makes Tuesdays not feel like a Monday. Big Austin FC fan and big Moontower Soccer fan!

Best analysis for the best team in Texas (MLS? The world?)

Opposing coaches, stop your match prep now, Jeremiah and Landon discuss everything you need to know about what Austin FC is going to do to your team (this week)!

Great podcast for driving

Kept me entertained while driving all over Texas last week. Look forward to listening to Jeremiah And Landon every Tuesday morning during my walk. Always keeps me entertained.

The local beat on Austin FC

My go-to pod every week for all things Austin FC. Hosts have great chemistry and are clearly personally invested in the local Austin FC culture, club, players, and news. My top recommendation for anyone looking to dig a little deeper into our club. 10/10

Great show that fills me with Austin pride

When I moved to Austin in 2021 I wanted to connect with the city’s sports. Moontower soccer hooked me with its analysis and positive energy. Keep up the great work!

The Antidote To The Horseshoe of Sadness

Local flavor, actual technical talk and deep, deep academy nerdom. Keep it coming fellas and LISTOS!

Austin FC Essential

Great interviews with Adrian Healey and Gyasi Zardes in the most recent episode. Incredible insight into Apple MLS package. Interesting 1st 6 weeks ahead.

Great recaps and analysis

I do not live in Austin and can’t be glued to twitter all the time, so this podcast serves as a perfect summary, analysis, and news aggregation for Austin FC. It keeps me up to date on the team on and off the pitch. I listen every week.


I’ve learned so much about soccer from Landon and Jeremiah since I’ve started listening. Great game analysis, team and player discussions, interviews, and all wrapped up in light hearted and fun conversations. Thanks for creating this, y’all!

Great podcast for driving

Kept me entertained while driving all over Texas last week.

Great Show!

This is my go-to podcast for anything Austin FC. Keep up the good work guys!

Come for the Analysis, Stay for the Pollo

I’ve been listening to Moontower Soccer since before Austin played their first game. Landon and Jeremiah have been *holding it down* for us Austin FC heads since the very beginning! Player analysis, game recaps, transfer news… plus discussions on the finer points of Tik Marten cuddliness and Pollo-as-beer-mug viability. Thanks, see you never!

The OG Cast for all Things ATXFC

They're the first and the best, no two ways about it. Great show filled with great energy (even when lamenting losses). Landon & Jeremiah break down every game & talk all things Verde n Black. It's the best way to stay informed about all things happening with the team & a great introduction to fans new to the soccer world. Highly recommend.

Comprehensive source for Austin FC updates and analysis

This podcast is truly a voice of reason on all Austin FC matters, talking fans off the ledge after poor team performances and tempering expectations after exciting wins. Lately, they’ve also had some great interviews with players, staff and fan favorites like Pollo FC. After the latest episode, I even think I might understand GAM and TAM (but don’t quote me on that). P.S. Let’s not forget about the fabulous spin-off pod, Swoontower, the go-to pod for mascot interviews and the fits of the boys.

All Things ATXFC

Thoughtful and informative. Appreciate the insight and interaction between Jeremiah, Landon and guest appearances/fill-ins by Chris. I look forward to it each week!

Incredible podcast for ATXFC coverage

Love the podcast and the whole crew, Swoontower included. And the answer is clearly Driussi.

Moontower Review

Best Austin FC/Soccer Podcast out there!!!

Necessary news source!

I live in Southern California, but was raised in North Austin playing soccer. I’m a life long fan of the sport and was stoked when my hometown got a team. I’m looking forward to eventually getting to go to Q2 for a game, but in the mean time this podcast has been excellent. Great analysis of the game, players and club news. My favorite though is introducing everyone to what happens with the supports groups and fan favorites like Pollo. Y’all always give an encompassing picture of what’s going on. Thank you!