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Dec. 10, 2022

SWOONTOWER SOCCER: "You Don't Have to Get Ready if you Stay Ready"

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If you are looking for Austin FC tactical analysis, please go back or forward one episode for a regular episode of Moontower Soccer. But if you are looking for wholesome content about the good, good boys of Austin FC, you are in the right place.

DISCLAIMER #2: We recorded this episode with a segment on the World Cup before learning about the tragic passing of Grant Wahl. Our hearts are with his friends and family, and everyone who has been impacted by his incredible life and work. 

On today's Swoontower Soccer, Steph and Mike (and Nicole!) are all about the boys!

Topics include:
-Social Media Standouts
-Brad Stuver is bad at foosball but good at being a human: make sure to check out the Partnerships for Children donation link!
-La Murga Lyric Rewrites pt 2
-An Interview with Nicolecovering:

  • Soccer Fan Origin Story
  • Favorite Players on and off pitch
  • World Cup top 3 Most Handsome Teams
  • World Cup top 3 Best Kits
  • Rapid Fire MLS Best Ofs! 

-Moontower PatreonHype

Make sure to follow Nicole @xo_GlenCoco on twitter for high quality kit content, thirst inspo, and soccer lifestyle news!

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