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Slam Dunk Home Run Soccer Goal

I’m a massive soccer fan but have avoided tactics podcasts because I’m still learning the ropes of terms - Moontower is the most accessible and engaging intro into the world of analytics. Landon and Jeremiah are great to listen to, super knowledgeable, and convey all that info in a really easy to understand way.

Second best thing to an Austin FC Game

Started listening to Moontower about halfway through the inaugural season and haven’t stopped since. It’s a great podcast full of knowledgeable takes that gets me through until the next game. Love it and only wish they posted more!

Best ATXFC Podcast

Simply the best Austin FC Podcast of bunch. Very knowledgeable, entertaining, and well produced

Great Show for ATXFC

Mr. Jerimiah and Landon do a great job of giving you information about Austin FC. Even better when you engage with them on social media they are awesome to talk and discuss thoughts about Austin FC, and MLS in general.

Take me to the Moon

Mr. Bentley an Landon do a great job of keeping you informed of whats going on with Austin FC.

First time soccer fan

As a first time soccer fan, I have learned SO much from Moontower Soccer. I’m actually addicted to it! In the beginning I didn’t even know the field was called a pitch or that uniforms were kits. Now I know all about TAM and GAM and homegrown players. Even with a disappointing season Landon and Jeremiah see the good. They love Austin FC and love the city of Austin. Their guests are great and very informative. Whether you are a seasoned fan or new to the sport…. Moontower Soccer should be your weekly listen!

Best Soccer Podcast Out There

I am not exaggerating. This is the best soccer podcast out there. Lucky for us it is all Verde.

Great Pod, and you Should Listen too!

These guys are not only able to provide a high level overview of the game, players, strategy, etc, but they also weave in plenty of super detailed info too. This lets listeners of all knowledge or experience levels feel like they got something great from the Pod! Keep up the good work, gents.


One of the best podcast for AustinFc here in Austin Texas! 💚 Oak Army

Most level-headed yet entertaining Austin FC podcast out there

There may be podcasts with hotter takes, but Landon and Jeremiah are probably the most entertaining duo in the Austin FC podcast market. Polite discussions and well reasoned arguments are the bread and butter of this podcast, with a drizzle of fantastic guest interviews to change it up every once in a while. Love that they keep the spirit of MLS by rebranding every now and then (except the rebrands actually work here). Big fan and highly recommend this to anyone, from people barely getting into soccer to lifelong fans.

Even though we're on different sides of the Queso Cup...

We're on the same side for ATXFC. These good, good boys have a great relationship with each other and talk about the team in a way that's fun to hear, even after losses. Getting back into the style of play MLS is famous for has been a lot easier with Landon and Jeremiah's outlook and excitement for the team, and their guests always bring a ton of expertise and excitement to the table!

Great for seasoned and verde soccer fans

I’ve been listening to Landon and Jeremiah since the preseason games of this inaugural season. This is my first time being a soccer fan. Their game analysis and roster assessments are insightful. I look forward to Tuesday mornings every week!

Great Job!

Working to get myself up to speed with the inaugural season. The guys do a great job of recap and preview. Really enjoying the show! Keep it up, fellas!

Great Austin FC Podcast

The guys do a fantastic job with their podcast. They are very informative in their match analysis for previous and upcoming matches. They have good insider information, detailed knowledge about the league and are huge fans too. All of that is a recipe for a great show. I look forward to each episode!

Informative, Fair, and just what you’re looking for when craving content.

I won’t make this too long, I’ve caught on to this show for the past 6-7 weeks. The post game content is so great, as newer soccer fan with limited technical knowledge (5ish years and never played the game myself) I find this to be my favorite podcast so far. I love the way they will break down each players performance, spending about 2-3 minutes on each player. It’s a great way for you to learn more about the players and Their trajectory/role on the squad. Thank you for doing this podcast, it’s a must listen for me personally.

Fun, Interesting, and Informative

Just jumped in after the 3rd game of the season. Excited to see and hear what comes next. Great in-depth analysis and personal behind the scenes experiences from real fans. Love it!

Great Austin FC Analysis

I’m a new Austin FC supporter, and have thoroughly enjoyed Landon and Jeremiah’s analysis through the start of the season. The podcast has been invaluable as I’ve tried to get to know the team better, and as an avid Arsenal supporter, the pod reminds of the great Arsecast Extra with its mixture of easy banter and sharp analysis. Thanks for doing it, guys!

A great pod for fans of Los Verdes!

I really enjoy this pod, it has slotted into my rotation of other football podcasts. A great intro to players who I wasn’t as familiar with, and offer insightful tactical analysis. Highly recommended!

In depth coverage of Austin FC

This has become my top weekly soccer podcast. A must listen for any current (or future!) Austin FC fan. Great coverage of the games, roster movements, and other club happenings. A joy to listen to.

Great soccer voices for a great city.

Two guys who love the game, love the town, and love the team, what more can you ask for in a club podcast? Great football iq, too. A fantastic source for game thoughts and breakdown on things you might have missed on first viewing, overall exactly what I want to brighten up my Tuesdays and help tide me over until the next match.

Intelligent Futbol Talk for Intelligent Futbol fans

As a brand new Austin fC fan, I was thrilled to find Landon and Jeremiah, two lads knowledgeable about Futbol, who know how to review a game in a thorough, detailed and engaging manner. They add much to my newfound joy that is Los Verdes!


You want a mix of fun and excitement surrounding Austin FC soccer? This is the podcast for you. Seriously, don’t scroll any more. Just listen and I guarantee you will be hooked.

Witty, insightful, and engaging content about Austin FC

Whether it is playful banter about soccer, beer or Austin life, this witty twosome keeps delivering engaging content week after week. As a soccer fan without a team to cheer for (until recently), I found their coverage in the last year to be a great way to learn more about what is in the works for Austin FC - including players, tactics, coaches, the stadium and supporters groups. They got me pumped up for the team and excited to be an Austin FC supporter. Keep delivering top notch Austin FC content!

Best of ATX

Jeremiah and Landon have the best Austin FC podcast in the game, but they drastically underrate Danny Hoesen’s looks in favor of lesser looking boys.

Awesome podcast for Austin fans

Great podcast worth following for anyone interested in Austin FC. The hosts do a great job combining the fan’s perspective with more serious journalism-style interviews and reports from all over Texas. Awesome resource for all things ATXFC.

The Austin FC Podcast for Everyone

I’ve listened to Landon and Jeremiah through the various evolutions of this podcast and I can confidently say this is the best one yet. They have been around the club and part of it’s history for years. I appreciate the way their personalities come through each episode. They’re both incredibly knowledgable and provide news and information helpful to the super fan and the newcomers alike. It’s the podcast I recommend to anyone looking to keep up with all things Austin FC.

An essential listen for Austin FC fans

As a soccer newcomer, I’m thankful for a reasonable, down to earth breakdown of what makes Austin FC tick. If NPR and ESPN radio made some decisions together and birthed a soccer podcast, this would be it.

Light hearted and educational

This is fun for every level of fans. A lot of good information for people just getting into soccer or the MLS and some good interviews and team info for the die hards. I also wish I had this podcast a day earlier.

Awesome Austin FC content

Great local guys with weekly guest that bring authentic and original Austin FC news! Thank you for always Interacting with your fans!

A Must Listen to For Verde Fans

I stumbled upon this podcast during the winter looking for Austin FC pods to get excited for the up coming season. Landon and Jeremiah do a fantastic job of covering everything Verde. They’re both very knowledgeable and their passion for Austin comes through during every podcast. I look forward to the Moontower podcast every week. Their sound quality is also incredible which is a must for me when listening to a pod.