Hello Friends!

Great for Austin FC fans!

This podcast is great for hearing not only about the team but what the fans are up to! They’ve had some awesome guests and great insights!

The Best Austin FC Podcast

I’m a long time soccer fan in Waco who is relatively new to MLS (last 4 years or so). I haven’t had a team to follow, so I’ve picked up Austin, due to geography. I tried out all of the Austin FC podcasts I could find and this one is by far my favorite. I listen every week as soon as I can. Landon and Jeremiah are great to listen to and have all kinds of insights in addition to being well read and researched. A great podcast!

Great Show for ATXFC

Mr. Jerimiah and Landon do a great job of giving you information about the "evil" Austin FC. Even better when you engage with them on social media they are awesome to talk and discuss thoughts about Austin FC, and MLS in general.

Favorite Austin FC podcast

I like Landon and Jeremiah’s enthusiasm for Austin FC. They bring in good guests, discuss the weekly news, and bring insightful game analysis

The Verde Lads

I love how Jeremiah and Landon make soccer fun and intertwine their local Austin personalities into their analysis. All about the Moontower!!! Great soccer pod.

Helpful and Fun

Austin FC fan must listen. Listening to y’all has been so helpful to my understanding the team and the MLS landscape. Solid interviews, good production and fun tangents. Thanks for the work that going into this podcast, keep it up!

Newby Learning from Moontower

I am a Newby to soccer. I’ve been learning about all the inner workings of soccer from Landon and Jeremiah. And there are a lot!! They do a great job! Make Moontower Soccer podcast part of your weekly routine!

Best Austin FC podcast

This is by far the best podcast for all things Austin FC. Landon and Jeremiah do their research, land some really high profile guest interviews, and are very well informed. This one jumps to the top of my feed as soon as it lands!

Best Austin Soccer Podcast

Landon and Jeremiah love soccer and they love Austin. They put a lot of fun, knowledge, and heart into every episode. I’ve learned a ton about soccer from them and I can’t wait for the first season of Austin FC to start. Subscribe and get to know them!